W1OP's 2020 DMR Repeater 447.725 MHz

Once the antenna is moved to the tower from its temp location,
predicted 30-watt mobile coverage is basically the whole area of this map.
      The PRA is glad to announce that W1OP has installed a DMR repeater that is part of the NEDECN (New England Digital Emergency Communications Network) DMR network at our Johnston clubhouse.

The repeater is operating on 447.725 MHz (-5 MHz split) Color Code 2.
The following are the available talk groups on the repeater:
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 1 = World Wide*
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 13 = WW English*
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 3 = North America
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 3172 = Northeast
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 8801 = NETAC1*
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 8804 = CAPENET*
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 3109 = CT Statewide* Time Slot #1 - Group Call 3125 = MA Statewide Time Slot #1 - Group Call 310 = TAC310*
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 311 = TAC311*
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 113 = UA English 1*
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 123 = UA English 2*
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 759 = SKYWARN
Time Slot #1 - Group Call 9998 = Parrot*
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 3181 = New England Wide Time Slot #2 - Group Call 8 = Region North*
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 3144 = RI Statewide
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 8802 = NETAC2*
Time Slot #2 - Group Call 9 = Local Site

Talk Groups with asterisks (*) require kerchunking the talk group to activate them for a 3 minute listening period window. All others are active continuously.

      For more info on the NEDECN network go to WWW.NEDECN.ORG.
      The W1OP repeater is linked fulltime to in excess of 90 repeaters that are part of NEDECN’s network through the New England Wide talk group that covers all of New England, the Maritime Provinces and eastern NY and Long Island.

      The repeater is possible due to a very generous grant from NEDECN and donations from K1DT, K1MD, KZ1K, NE1Y, and N1DM. Special thanks to Bill, NE1B who has spearheaded this project for NEDECN and located a repeater in a price range we could afford.

      We also wish to thank the generous efforts of K1IIG and AG2K towards our project.

      The repeater is a Motorola XPR8400 with a Motorola T1504 duplexer. Temporarily the repeater is on a low antenna at the club house, it will eventually move to the top of the tower. The temporary antenna is a Comet CA712EF at 18 feet above the ground (the repeater site is 253 feet above sea level with a height above average terrain of 97 feet).

      Eventually we will move the repeater to a Cushcraft AFM44D 4 pole antenna array at 66 feet above ground level. The site overlooks the City of Providence.

      Even with the low site we predict reliable portable coverage into the area shown in red, yellow and green on the picture. Over the next few months we will map actual performance and update this map.
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