During W1OP's 2019 Centennial Year Celebration, W1OP worked over 1300 grid sqares in DIGITAL modes FT8 and FT4. The total count is just over 21,000 FT8 and FT4 QSOs on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 80, and 160M.

   The 21,000 QSO's also include the results from three contests and Field Day
u FT8 DX Contest in March
u June Field Day Digital Station in June
u World Wide Digi DX Contest in August
u FT8 Roundup Contest in December

The FT8 Roundup in December was the first contest W1OP did using remote control from FL to run an IC-7300 tranceiver in Studio A at Johnston RI. About 400 QSOs were logged from 45 countries. The FT8 Roundup ran simultaneously with the ARRL 160M CW Contest in Studio B, which ran up nearly 600 CW contacts.

   That remote contest operation also confirms that our Verizon Fios optical cable link is fully operative.

   Digital contacts from W1OP RI FN41 are mostly remote controlled by operators in RI, MA, and FL. The clubhouse during the year used a JetPack hotspot [cable then not available], and an IC-7300 into the Collins 237-B1 Log Periodic Dipole Array which covers 10M through 40M. In December, Verizon Fios optical cable was installed.
   Matching requirements are handled by the autotune in the 7300 with an average output of about 80W. Most of the time the LPDA is oriented toward the Mediterranean as we are located on a hill favoring the Atlantic Ocean. Our logs reflect a very high percentage of DX because of this. We use a 80M doublet and a 160M inverted L with separate tuners. Software included TeamViewer or AnyDesk, WSJT, N3FJP's ACL, JT-Alert and Dimension 4. Eleven operators participated in this event.
[Maps courtesy of http://wg7j.reinalda.net/gridmapper/gridmapper.php]
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